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Apple AirPods May Be Used To Spy On Conversations

Do you Know There’s A secret Spy Mod On Apples Airpods?

Apple AirPods May Be Used To Spy On ConversationsIf you have airpods you can press “Live listen” to “On” and leave your phone in the room and you can hear what everyone is saying.

Apple’s AirPods are being abused to spy on discussions through a feature that was not meant to enable eavesdropping.

The iOS 12 update, which Apple released in 2018 September, added the Live Listen feature to the AirPods.

Earlier maintained for hearing aids certified under the Made for iPhone hearing aid program.

Live Listen enables the iPhone to be worked as a directional microphone and the AirPods as hearing aids, in situations such as in a noisy restaurant.

To activate the feature, users will need to proceed to the Control Center menu under Settings, tap Customize Controls, and then tap the plus sign next to the Hearing icon to add it to the Control Center.

Apple attached Live Listen to the AirPods to aid users with minor hearing issues.

Yet, some people are talking about abusing the feature to listen in on others.

The Live Listen feature may be handled as walkie-talkies, moreover to cheat in schools as another person communicates the answers to the AirPods-wearer taking a test.

The Live Listen feature of the AirPods signifying utilized for anything other than its designed purpose is something that Apple does not want to happen, the company has remained very vocal about protecting user privacy.

Users on Twitter and Reddit have revealed concern over the AirPods being used to eavesdrop on others however it raised the issue of the embarrassment of having to leave your iPhone with other people, which may be a clue that something is up.

It is unclear if Apple is already aware of the situation, and if it will do something about it.


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