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Smartphones Awards 2017:Top 4 Smartphones of 2017

Smartphones Awards 2017:Top 4 Smartphones of 2017

Smartphones Awards 2017:Top 4 Smartphones of 2017

smartphones awards 2017The year 2017 was the year in which many flagship smartphones launched and it was hard to select the best smartphone but we found them all and these are the top 4 smartphones which deserve the awards in the list of smartphones awards 2017

But Thanks to Techook’s rating system which has selected the best top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017. The Smartphones are selected based on their best specialty and best feature.

So based on all the hard measures, here are the top 4 smartphones of 2017 which deserve smartphones awards 2017 according To Techook.com across Four major categories.

Smartphones Awards 2017 Listed Below:


Best Smartphone of 2017: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Top 4 Smartphones of 2017


Samsung Note series are always Remains in a special place because of their best and awesome display

In the selection of top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017, This was a tough choice as the level of competition was too hard at the top. Some had a better design, while one other boasted of a better camera.

But persistence deserves to be rewarded. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best smartphone with such a beautiful design and as already mentioned that Samsung smartphones display are the best.

it has powerful processing hardware, classy design and one of the best all-around cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched in August 2017, it has a 6.3-inch Quad HD Plus Super AMOLED Display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels at a pixel density of 521 pixels per inch. The screen is also defended by a Corning Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant display.

As we all know about the specs the most important specialty of this smartphone is that it is the only top smartphone which offers the s-pen feature. the s-pen give additional benefits to those who love to do their work with a pen.

So Samsung galaxy note 8 is the best smartphone of 2017

Most Innovative Phone of 2017: Apple iPhone X

Top 4 Smartphones of 2017

This is one of the unique apple product which is also the most expensive smartphone in the list of top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017.

The Apple iPhone X had a Many of new and unique features. Apple got rid of the fingerprint scanner in support of Face ID unlock that relies on an infrared camera to catch the accurate details.

Not all of us support this move, but it’s something that was never done before that well.

Another reason why Apple iPhone X deserves to win this award is the combination of augmented reality features into games and other apps.

Again, Apple has almost Made many new gestures to get rid of the home screen button. And last but not the least, the display! Apple is not the first to include a bezel-less screen, their implementation continues the best so far.

Due to all of the above reasons Apple iPhone X deserve the title of the Most Innovative Phone of 2017 in the list of top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017.

Best Camera Phone of 2017: Google Pixel 2 XL

Top 4 Smartphones of 2017

Cameras have become a very important aspect of smartphones these days, or perhaps, the most important aspect and it looks like Google has won the camera lead in their pixel series.

The pixel camera was also the best camera and now the pixel 2 camera is the highest rated camera according to DxOmark. and yes actually it is the best.

The Google Pixel 2 XL’s design is a Quite different from other smartphones, its powerful processor with stock android oreo 8.1 makes this smartphone runs very smooth without any lags.

But the one aspect where the Google flagship beats other smartphones in the competition is its camera.

While dual camera modules have remained the favorite choice of maximum smartphone manufacturers this year,

Google has held a single 12.2MP camera.Some have even pointed a finger at Google’s lack of initiative. But the one thing that means most than the number of a camera is the image quality.

And that is where the Google Pixel 2 XL beats every smartphone in the competition.

The best in class Portrait mode, normal day to day shots or low light photography, this Google flagship gives in excess of accurate colors, awesome depth mapping, and great details. Hence, the Google Pixel 2 XL is the best camera phone in the list of top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017.

Best Value-for-money Phone of 2017: OnePlus 5T

Top 4 Smartphones of 2017

What is the benefit of technology if it is not affordable.While the above two phone is best, they both cost over Rs 60,000.

And not everybody has that kind of money for only a smartphone, mainly in India, the price means ‘”alot” to the customer.

By taking  the advantage of this OnePlus device always comes at the affordable prices with great hardware and software specs which other expensive smartphones have this is the key success of the OnePlus device. And in the list of top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017 one can’t deny that it is a Great product for a great price.

Further, the OnePlus 5T does not compromise on processing power or features. The design is attractive, the 18:9 minimal-bezel display is sharp, the Snapdragon 835 is the most powerful SoC available right now.

The Smartphone has enough RAM and storage. The dual cameras at the back do an excellent work in all circumstances and With a starting price of Rs 32,999 OnePlus 5T is the Best Value-for-money Phone in the list of top 4 smartphones for smartphones awards 2017.