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Apple iPhone X screen freezes in cold weather

but Apple is fixing it

Apple iPhone X screen freezes in cold weather

Apple iPhone X screen freezes

Apple today confirmed an issue in iPhone X Which unexpectedly Freeze touch Function in cool climate conditions, Apple is apparently arranging an update to settle the issue. “It shows up the ‘coldgate’ issue with iPhone X was passing on at temperatures near zero degrees yet at the same time inside the suggested temperature extend,” 9to5Mac revealed late on Thursday.

But Apple is fixing it

Some iPhone X customers had complained that their Apple iPhone X screen freezes in cold climate conditions a week ago. “In specific conditions, the iPhone X will briefly be not able to respond to the customer if the temperature suddenly dropped,” the report mentioned Apple as saying.

The iPhone producer said it will issue a fix in the upcoming Update as it doesn’t have all the Hardware problem.the simple os update may be able to fix that problem.

The organization has not determined a correct time period for the “coldgate” bug-fix yet it is well on the way to be rolled into iOS 11.2.

iOS 11.2 refresh is right now being tried in the beta program and will be the main real refresh to bring another component named Apple “Pay Cash”.